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Leelo vs Mashew

Beginner’s Board Analysis Method

This is the method I have used to

  1. slow my game done,
  2. take the time to analyze the board,
  3. make more correct moves.

Assuming you are not on a short time situation

  1. determine your opponents possible moves (go over every piece)
  2. determine your possible moves (go over every piece)
  3. deduce why your opponent made his last move and his probably next move
  4. decide your best counter.
  • Remember, a counter can be defensive or offensive. Offensive is usually better.
  • Think position, board control and powerful placements.
  • When losing, go on offensive barrage.

If you do have time problems,

  1. Half skip 1 & 2. Only look at pieces directly affected.
  2. Stay with your strategy unless foiled by opponent’s move.
  3. Think aggression! Defense takes too long to play.

Hope this is helpful to those budding chess players.

Matt Little

Newark Chess Club