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Brandywine CC 3/14/14 Update

Today the BLCC will be meeting in room 209 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.  Last week we had 24 people come out and that included several new members.  Wilfred Saxe donated a huge chess set with a carpet rug.  It was a hit with the children – thanks Wilfred.   USCF members of the BLCC may play rated match games as long as both players agree prior to playing – let me know if you are interested.
Last Tuesday, James Church  (1543) beat George Leonard (1946) at the Woodbury Chess Club.  Congratulations James! There was a 500+ point upset in the first round by Ira Fine from the Pitman NJ club so James will not get this highest upset prize at this point but there are still 5 rounds to go in this 7 round club championship.  I haven’t seen the latest results at the Newark Chess Club that meets on Thursday nights in Bear, but they have many experts and A players playing there every Thursday night like our own Brad Thomas.
The USCF is having a 20% off sale on chess books and computer programs until March 17.  I have never seen this much of a discount before so I thought that I’d mention it.
Hope to see you tonight.

Brandywine CC Update 2/28/2014

We will be having our BLCC meeting from 5:30pm – 8:30pm in room 209. We will have cake to celebrate our new Delaware State Champion Drew Serres.

The Delaware State Championship was a greater success than anticipated. The National Grand Prix standing of the tournament and personal connections in PA, MD, and NJ helped bring in a lot of out of state players including International Master Justin Sarkar. The News Journal will be posting an article about the event. The News journal article says:
Drew Serres is the new Delaware State Chess Champion. The Delaware State Chess Championship took place on February 22-23 2014. Drew finished with 4 wins and only one loss. His wins included former Delaware State Champion and Life Master Charles Bouzoukis. The tournament was won by International Master Justin Sarkar with 4 wins and a draw. There were a total of 44 USCF ranked players in the tournament from DE, NJ, PA, and MD. Drew Serres is a USCF certified District Chess Coach – level II (advanced). Drew coaches at the Kuumba Academy and is working with the Delaware State Chess Association (DSCA) to rejuvenate scholastic chess in DE. He frequently plays on Friday nights at the Brandywine Library Chess Club and was a team member on the Brandywine Knights at the US Team Championship last week.

Club member Steadroy Lloyd had a strong tournament but was 1/2 point short of winning a prize. Drew Serres was the best in Delaware and tied for 2nd/3rd with Dr. Darrin Berkley (the guy I beat last year in the final round). In the lower section (U1600), George Jones and Stephen Meyer tied for 3rd. Both were members of the Woodbury NJ Chess Club which had a strong turnout at the Delaware State Championship. Once again Gregory Kopay won the U1000 title with a perfect 5 losses because he was the only one in his section. James Church finished broke even in the U1600 section with 2.5 points in 5 rounds. Also participating in the upper section of the tournament were club members Brad Thomas, Darrel Smith, and myself.

Hope to celebrate our new Delaware State Champion Drew Serres with all of you tonight.

February 2014 Newsletter

We at DSCA, Delaware State Chess Association, are looking forward to a new year of improved communications, tournaments and sponsored events. See all that has happened so far!

DSCA Open Chess Championship will be held on Feb 22 & 23. We expect a record turnout and many GMs & IMs from the east coast. Don’t miss it.
DelawareChess.org is DSCA website is being updated every week! Check it out!
DSCA is helping chess clubs in and around Delaware by offering a webpage on its site. for more information.
We will be featuring more Matches of Interest and Daily Puzzles for anyone interested.
We are looking for contributors if anyone is interested. Send your request to !
Brandywine Chess Club is going strong. I stopped by this last Friday and played a couple of matches. Check them out!
Any ideas for chess in the Delaware Area? Send them to me and we’ll try to help make it happen.

January 2014 Newsletter

Delaware State Chess Association (DelawareChess.orghas updated it’s website and contact information. The long promised newsletters and informational emails will start going out this year.

We are using the eMail list collected when you joined the DSCA. If you do not wish to be on the list, there is an unsubscribe/manage eMail preferences at the bottom of this eMail. We certainly hope you stay with us and follow the chess scene in Delaware and the surrounding area.

New Events Coming Up

  • The Delaware State Open Chess Championship will be held Feb 22 & 23. See the page on our website by clicking here.
  • We have links to the local chess clubs, as well as puzzles, games, suggested tactics and tutors.
  • We are looking for some sponsors for the Delaware State Open Chess Championship, so if you know anyone, please email me.

Hope this year is a good year of chess for you.

Matt Little

Webmaster, Delaware State Chess Association