Delaware State Champions


Year Men’s champion Women’s Champion
2015 Dave Gertler
Charlie Bouzoukis
2014 Drew Serres
2013 Dave Gertler
2011 Philip Saponaro
2010 Dave Gertler
Charlie Bouzoukis
Prasanna Kannappan
2009 Charlie Bouzoukis
Dave Gertler
2008 Jim Erskine
Philip Saponaro
2007 Charlie Bouzoukis Frances Hasson
2006 Dave Gertler Yi Song
2005 Charlie Bouzoukis Yi  Song
 2004  Charlie Bouzoukis
Dave Gertler
Chase Butler
 Collette Trouve
2003  Charlie Bouzoukis  Corla Rogers
2002  Dave Gertler  Collette Trouve
2000  Charlie Bouzoukis
1999  Dave Gertler
1998  Charlie Bouzoukis
Dave Gertler
1997  Charlie Bouzoukis
Dave Gertler
1996  Dave Gertler
1995  Dave Gertler
1993  Paul Powell
1992  Jim Erskine
1991  Charlie Bouzoukis


One thought on “Delaware State Champions”

  1. Do you have any records of Delaware State Champions in prior years?

    I won the Delaware State and Open titles in 1965, 1966 and 1967. I was a member of the Wilmington Chess Club. It met at the YMCA.

    I’d like to know if there is any history from those days in your records.

    I haven’t played in rated tournaments in decades, but for a while after my active tournament days, I participated in the International Computer Chess Association.

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