About DSCA

Delaware State Chess Association Purpose:

DSCA is dedicated to promoting interest in chess, chess clubs and chess tournaments in the Delaware Area. We are willing to help facilitate other chess enthusiasts as best as we are able. Plus, we will provide educational materials and links to help chess players become more active and enthusiastic.

Membership Information can be found at the membership page.



Bill Trueman
Vice President
John Anderson
(302) 593-3752
Michelle Pergeorelis
(302) 438-4467
David Power


County Representative

County representatives would be allowed to post comments and events on our website and Facebook page!

New Castle County
Kent County
Sussex County


Matthew Little
Site Manager
Tom Fleetwood

3 thoughts on “About DSCA”

  1. Hey, Everyone! I am Alex Fish the President of Chess Team at the Charter School of Wilmington. Over the past couple years, I’ve played and competed with other high-school students. There is a significant amount of interest among the population in Chess. Dr. Thomas Fleetwood and I would really like to see a Scholastic tournament for High School students. Does anyone know of any tournaments in Delaware where high- school students can compete? If not, is there any way we can start a tournament for that age group? If anyone has suggestions, feel free to contact me at . Thanks!

    1. We at DSCA would love to assist you in your goals. I’ve posted your request on our website and included it in our newsletter. Let me know if there is anything else you need.

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