Delaware Game 30 Championship

Did you lose the Game 15 championship because you needed just a few more seconds per move?  Well then this is the tournament for you.  Prove your rapid calculation skills by playing in the Game 30 Championship in Milford on May 12, 2012.

Even better, this tournament is part of the Delaware Series Challenge and could help earn you free entry into the Delaware State Championship.

For full details, see this flier.

The G/15 Results Are In

The second Delaware Series Challenge event was held on Saturday, April 14th.  The event was the Game-15 Championship, testing your quick thinking chess skills.  Congratulations to Ted Belanoff for winning the Open section with an amazing 5.0 score!  Yury Markushin, who won the first series event, came in second with a 3.5 score.  Glenn Davis won the U1600 section with a 2.0 score – congratulations Glenn.

The top finishers are shown below.


1. Ted Belanoff  5.0

2. Yury Markushin 3.5

3. Brad Thomas 3.0


4. Glenn Davis 2.0

5. Jason Solloway 1.0

6. Victor Rein 0.5

The next Series Challenge event is the Game-30 Championship on May 12.  We hope to see you there!