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DSCA is dedicated to promoting interest in chess, chess clubs and chess tournaments in the Delaware Area. We are willing to help facilitate other chess enthusiasts as best as we are able. Plus, we will provide educational materials and links to help chess players become more active and enthusiastic.

Chess – sometimes called the game of kings. A game that simultaneously requires extensive analytical thought and inspired creative genius. As such, playing chess improves more skills than you may think – including reading ability! Studies show chess makes kids smarter.

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  1. The Brandywine Chess Club meets every Friday at the Foulk Road Library on the second floor. For details visit our site, http://www.brandywinechess.com/

    We average 40-50 players in attendance every Friday. We have on average 5-10 junior players. We have a very active chess ladder with over 80 players on it. And we have a junior ladder for the juniors with over 30 juniors on it.

    Our site has a google map link to the library, a list of places to play in the surrounding area (with map links), links to other chess sites, suggestions on how to learn chess, a list of up coming chess events, and for those who want to see a list of interesting games, over 400 games by masters organized by opening.

  2. Hello, I am a member of the Charter School of Wilmington Chess Team and I was wondering if there is any USCF rated scholastic tournaments coming up.

    1. I believe your question just posted late because I think you were at the Tri-State Scholastic Fall Open on November 15 th. The next scholastic tournament should be January 24 th, 2015. We will post the details add soon as they are available. We look forward to seeing you and your team there in January.

  3. Scholastic chess is in full swing. The Delaware Youth Chess Organization is starting the first USCF tournament of the year. Please see this blog to find out more and get your registration form in to


    Unplug & Play Chess!

  4. Hello, I was wondering about the CCL quads if there is like a U2000, U1600, U1200 section or something because the details weren’t really that specific and right now I am unrated in USCF so what section would I get put in? Thanks.

    1. The CCCC Quads do not have specific sections. The players are put in groups of four based on their ratings; the best four play each other, then the next best four, etc.

      All players must have a USCF membership and we use that for ratings. In your case, we would use the provisional rating.

      Hope to see you there. It is a lot of fun.

    1. Hi Ms. Helm,

      Please check out the CLUBS page. That may help you some. In the meantime, I did forward your request onto Brandywine Chess Club.

      I hope in the future to have an extensive list of scholastic chess clubs.

    2. The Brandywine Library Chess Club meets every Friday from 5:30pm – 8:30pm in room 209. We usually have about two dozen players there of all ages and playing strengths although the club has a lot of strong players.

      Members receive a weekly e-mail listing that week’s events and chess news. Membership is free. The address is 1300 Foulk Road in Wilmington (Brandywine 100).

    3. There is a club at the Bear Library that meets on Tuesdays. There is also a club for kids that meets on Wednesdays in North East, Md. Call John at 302-593-3752 for more info.

  5. Hey, Everyone! I am Alex Fish the President of Chess Team at the Charter School of Wilmington. Over the past couple years, I’ve played and competed with other high-school students. There is a significant amount of interest among the population in Chess. Dr. Thomas Fleetwood and I would really like to see a Scholastic tournament for High School students. Does anyone know of any tournaments in Delaware where high- school students can compete? If not, is there any way we can start a tournament for that age group? If anyone has suggestions, feel free to contact me at . Thanks!

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