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Brandywine CC 4/11/14 Newsletter

The BLCC will be meeting tonight in room 209 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.  We continue to offer free national rated games for those who are also USCF members.  Last week, Matthew Clowes won his second match game with Brad Thomas. Congratulations Matt!
For those of you who weren’t able to get a copy of last Thursday’s Crossroads article in the Delaware News Journal newspaper, you may find it at the following link:
A lot of information was not used in the article, and who knows what the letters DSOCC stand for since the sponsoring organization was the Delaware Chess Association (DCA), but the reference in the FYI section concerning the Brandywine Library Chess Club and are helpful.  The best part was that the article focused on Drew Serres giving him the recognition that he earned.
At the Delaware Elementary School tournament this past Sunday, Elijah Duval finished 8th and the Kuumba team finished 4th.  These results are impressive for elementary school kids who didn’t know how to play chess a few months ago. Great coaching on the part of Drew Serres.
James Church and I are playing in the Pitman Championship Warm-up tournament as well as the Woodbury Chess Club Championship.  Both chess clubs are in NJ and I provide transportation for anyone who is interested in attending / participating.  These are USCF events that are nationally rated and “permanently recorded” in the USCF tournament history.  They call us the Delaware Destroyers because we are taking out their top players.  After 4 rounds in Woodbury and 2 rounds in Pitman we are undefeated by NJ/PA players and James Church’s only loss was to his fellow Delaware player and driver.  🙂
We had 22 players participate last week at the BLCC.
I hope to see you this evening,

Brandywine CC 4/3/14 Newsletter

There will be a meeting of the BLCC on Friday April 4 from 5:30pm till 8:30pm in room 209. I will try to have the coffee ready on time this week. The second USCF rated G/75 d5 match game between Brad Thomas and Mathew Clowes will be played tonight. Last Friday, there was a rated match game being played between Steadroy Lloyd and Drew Serres which Drew won, but due to distractions in the room, Drew decided that he couldn’t take a rated win and this was acceptable by Steadroy so it will not be rated. I will not be playing rated matches, but will continue to play casual games because I need to be available for club management. If you have a chess clock, please bring it because that is the one thing we are lacking. There are several things happening this week in local chess that I am going to cover.

This Sunday, April 6, an Elementary School tournament is being held for students who attend school in the State of Delaware. The tournament is being held at JCC, 101 Garden of Eden Road, Wilmington DE 19803. The entry fee is $20 and late entries are allowed up till 11:45am, but try to get there 20 minutes earlier if you haven’t preregistered. Registered players should arrive at 12:00 pm. Play begins promptly at 12:30 pm. There will be an awards ceremony is at 5:30 pm. Unfinished games will be adjudicated after about 55 minutes by Dave Gertler. This is not a USCF tournament and does not strictly follow USCF rules or requirements. No chess clocks are used/required. You do not have to be a USCF member to participate and the tournament is open to students of all abilities. Dave Gertler is the tournament director. The tournament is being held in four divisions, Lower Elementary (grades 3 and below), Elementary (grades 5 and below), Middle School (grades 8 and below), and High School (grades 12 and below). For more information, please contact Katie Glazier at (302) 478-5660 x205 or Dave Nettleton (our under age 17 BLCC club champion) as well as our many elementary school members would probably do well here and would enjoy it independent of the result. I may try to attend the event as a spectator especially if I know BLCC kids will be there.

The Pitman Chess Club is starting a championship warm-up tournament tonight at 7:30pm. I have decided to participate in it since I intend to try to win their club championship this year. Those who are interested in a ride to the event may contact me. The entry fee is $10. The transportation is free. USCF membership is required. Time control is G90 d5. The playing conditions are excellent. The Pitman Chess Club requires that people who want to play in their May Club Championship, must have competed in two club tournaments prior to the event. I tied for 1st in their season opener last Summer but I still need to participate in this event to qualify. The downside is that we have an incredibly strong chess club that has USCF rated games every Thursday at 7:30pm in Delaware. That club is the Newark Chess Club (meets in Bear). I am going to have to postpone my return to the Newark Club a bit longer. We may be playing matches with these clubs in the future. Last year, Jeremiah Williams who is the long time member and champion of the Pitman Club also won the Woodbury Chess Club Championship. Geoffrey Herman was the Woodbury Champion. These clubs are rivals and having the Pitman Club guy holding the Woodbury Club Championship is @#$% for Woodbury. Herman still plays as 1st board for Woodbury at the US Team and other events. Williams plays 1st board for Pitman.

The Woodbury Chess Club has finished round 4 in its 7 round club championship. This Tuesday is an open free Pizza night (yep a break in the middle of the tournament). It will be an early night and I will be bringing our Delaware State Champion Drew Serres with me to visit them (and any BLCC people who are interested). Currently James Church is in the middle of the pack with 2 points. There were 41 USCF ranked players participating in the event this year including several experts. This past Tuesday, Justin Samuels asked to use my clock for his game with Herman because he prefers paddles over buttons on clocks and he forgot to bring his clock. My opponent Jeremiah Williams had his clock and the black pieces so since I wouldn’t be using my clock I let Justin use it. Herman arrived late, got in time trouble, and lost his game against Samuels. I also won against Williams. Since Justin and I are now tied for 1st, I will probably be playing him with my clock in round 5. This is also why I decided to go for the Pitman Club tournament over going to the local Newark Club which would be my normal preference. I’m sure the Newark guys will understand. The Newark Club is run by John Anderson who is also BLCC.

Drew Serres is pictured with his trophy and chess set on the front page of “New Castle County Crossroads” section of the Delaware newspaper “The News Journal” today. Yes I picked up some extra copies! The headline reads Chess champ exceeds his expectations. The half page interview with reporter Rob Kalesse is worth the read.

Our founding member, Lowell Basset has formed a chess club in Louisiana. He continues to participate in chess events down there. He wrote about such an event that occurred on 3/22/2014. He wrote: “Bill, I met GM Susan Polgar and played in a sixteen person simul. No surprise that she beat everyone. She was very kind and took time to pose for pics and graciously signed everything anyone put in front of her. Congrats with the club. It sounds so wonderful and I wish I could be there to play and learn more. Please tell everyone hi for me.” I have attached his photo with International Grandmaster Susan Polgar.

Last Friday we had 23 people attend. Welcome new member Scott LaPorte.

I hope to you at the BLCC Friday evening.


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Brandywine CC 3/17/14 Newsletter

The BLCC will be meeting this Friday from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.  There were some upcoming events so I thought that I would send this out (too) early.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
This Saturday, March 22 from 12pm – 4pm at the Woodlawn Library is the 6th Annual March Madness Chess Tournament. It is for ages 13 to adult.  The time control is G/15 d5.  No draws are allowed.  If there is a draw, then there is an immediate G/5 d0 speed game playoff. This is an elimination tournament like the basketball playoffs.  Those who lose are eliminated.  There is a limited number of sign-ups on a first come basis.
On Sunday, March 23 from 2pm – 4:30pm at the Woodlawn Library is the 2nd Annual March Madness Children’s Chess Tournament for ages 12 and  under.  I think they are G/5 d0 but I am not sure.
Refreshments are served and both events are wonderful.
The Sunday event is perfect for Bob Flanagen’s Grandchildren Connor and Galvin as well as Alex Zheng, Anjani Devaleyu, Nihitha, and are other children chess players who do well even when playing adults.  Katie Koerner and Dave Nettleton will have to play in the adult section on Saturday. Katie really could have used that I’m only 12 card now that she had to surrender last month.  Then again it may be in conflict with Katie’s already intense national tournament schedule.
I will be attending a meeting @5pm at the Brandywine Library to discuss scholastic chess programs that Drew Serres, Michelle Pergeorelis, and the Delaware scholastic team are developing for grades K-12.  Andre Santosa is also a member of this team and he is responsible for chess activities at the Woodlawn library. 
Today is the last day to get that 20% discount on chess books and chess programs at the USCF (United States Chess Federation).
This Friday we have two USCF rated tournament matches scheduled for G/75 d5.  The colors will be randomly chosen before the start of the games with a second game with opposite colors played the following week.  Brad Thomas will play Mathew Clowes, and I will play Wolfgang Brunke.  I have played 3 games with Wolfgang so far resulting in 2 wins and a draw – this is exactly the ploy used by professional gamblers to get their future victims to sign up.  Brad Thomas and Matthew Clowes (along with myself and Drew Serres) were teammates at the recent United States Team Championship where our team finished with a solid 4 points in 6 rounds.  Both games have closely rated players and they should be tough games.
Thanks goes out to Lenny who brought Girl Scout cookies to meeting last week.  They were great, and it is my hope that they had no calories in them.  Lenny has introduced Ben to the club and now both are regulars.  Lenny’s games with Mathew Clowes have been intense with Lenny recording every move while playing on the clock.  Lenny, we seriously need to get you in the USCF – you are way overdue.
Next year, I will add a Delaware Women’s Champion to the Delaware State Championship.  By then, Kristie Wilson or Katie Koerner should be able to win the trophy.  This past year, 44 men and no women participated in the event and that could change.  Kristie’s work schedule and Katie’s tournament schedule are possible obstacles.  I can schedule around Katie’s scholastic events but the tournament still must be held on a weekend.
There were 23 people attending last Friday.  Welcome back Michael Festus and Richard Johnson.  It was also interesting to see the oldest new member Bob Hildenbrand playing our youngest Galvin Denison on that giant chess set.  Perhaps a Kodak moment was missed.
I hope to see you this Friday.

Brandywine CC 3/14/14 Update

Today the BLCC will be meeting in room 209 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.  Last week we had 24 people come out and that included several new members.  Wilfred Saxe donated a huge chess set with a carpet rug.  It was a hit with the children – thanks Wilfred.   USCF members of the BLCC may play rated match games as long as both players agree prior to playing – let me know if you are interested.
Last Tuesday, James Church  (1543) beat George Leonard (1946) at the Woodbury Chess Club.  Congratulations James! There was a 500+ point upset in the first round by Ira Fine from the Pitman NJ club so James will not get this highest upset prize at this point but there are still 5 rounds to go in this 7 round club championship.  I haven’t seen the latest results at the Newark Chess Club that meets on Thursday nights in Bear, but they have many experts and A players playing there every Thursday night like our own Brad Thomas.
The USCF is having a 20% off sale on chess books and computer programs until March 17.  I have never seen this much of a discount before so I thought that I’d mention it.
Hope to see you tonight.

Brandywine CC Update 2/28/2014

We will be having our BLCC meeting from 5:30pm – 8:30pm in room 209. We will have cake to celebrate our new Delaware State Champion Drew Serres.

The Delaware State Championship was a greater success than anticipated. The National Grand Prix standing of the tournament and personal connections in PA, MD, and NJ helped bring in a lot of out of state players including International Master Justin Sarkar. The News Journal will be posting an article about the event. The News journal article says:
Drew Serres is the new Delaware State Chess Champion. The Delaware State Chess Championship took place on February 22-23 2014. Drew finished with 4 wins and only one loss. His wins included former Delaware State Champion and Life Master Charles Bouzoukis. The tournament was won by International Master Justin Sarkar with 4 wins and a draw. There were a total of 44 USCF ranked players in the tournament from DE, NJ, PA, and MD. Drew Serres is a USCF certified District Chess Coach – level II (advanced). Drew coaches at the Kuumba Academy and is working with the Delaware State Chess Association (DSCA) to rejuvenate scholastic chess in DE. He frequently plays on Friday nights at the Brandywine Library Chess Club and was a team member on the Brandywine Knights at the US Team Championship last week.

Club member Steadroy Lloyd had a strong tournament but was 1/2 point short of winning a prize. Drew Serres was the best in Delaware and tied for 2nd/3rd with Dr. Darrin Berkley (the guy I beat last year in the final round). In the lower section (U1600), George Jones and Stephen Meyer tied for 3rd. Both were members of the Woodbury NJ Chess Club which had a strong turnout at the Delaware State Championship. Once again Gregory Kopay won the U1000 title with a perfect 5 losses because he was the only one in his section. James Church finished broke even in the U1600 section with 2.5 points in 5 rounds. Also participating in the upper section of the tournament were club members Brad Thomas, Darrel Smith, and myself.

Hope to celebrate our new Delaware State Champion Drew Serres with all of you tonight.

Milford Quads – On A New Day Starting In 2014

The Milford Chess Club Quads will be on the 3rd Saturday of the month starting in 2014.

Be sure to update your calendars!

Milford 3rd Sat Quads
301 SE Front St
Milford, DE 19963

EF: 20.00
Reg: 9 – 9:30 am
Rds: 9:45, 1:15, 5:00
1st place 40.00
TC: G90/d5
(DCA) Membership not Req.

Handicap Accessible
USCF ID No A6029874

Contact: Dean Miller
C: ph 302.853.5008
H: 302.422.4328