DCA Officer Floor Nominations, General Meeting, and Voting

Will be held Monday, November 13th, 2017 at 7:00 pm at

Brandywine Hundred Library (directions)
1300 Foulk Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19803

Early (proxy voting) may be done here (https://goo.gl/forms/EzlzM4SHQFdhFXQ92) until November 12th.

 DCA President

William Trueman (Current DCA Pres)

I became a member of the DCA and its President 4 years ago.  At that time, the DCA had not held a State Championship or any tournament in over a year. The DCA was also bankrupt.  John and I split the cost of running the state championship during my first year.  Each year the number of participants increased due to my connections in DE, NJ, PA, MD as well as the quality of the tournaments, Last year we had our first International Grandmaster participate in the now significant 20 Grand Prix Point tournament.  We have also held 2 DE National Chess Day events and other scholastic events. Everyone who has attended the Delaware State Championship has been impressed with the way that I have directed the event and the playing conditions.  The DCA has a record account balance.  835+ players have participated in DCA tournaments that I have directed. I was promoted to local TD level by the USCF during this time. I have worked with other chess organizations and activities to help with chess events. Delaware was among the worst states for chess growth and activity prior to my joining the DCA.  In 2014, I received a plaque for Delaware becoming the 2nd fastest growing state in the nation due to its surge in USCF memberships. As founding member and director of the Brandywine Chess Club, I grew the Brandywine Chess Club from non-existent to the largest chess club that Delaware has ever seen with over 200 members and as many as 65 attending on a night. I hope that you will elect me as DCA President so that I may continue to grow chess activity in Delaware.

DCA Vice President

John Anderson (Current DCA VP)

This is in reference to why I feel I’m qualified to fill the position of Vice President of the DCA.  I have been the VP for the last four years.  When I took this position the DCA was basically bankrupt and had no President and no direction.  I appointed Bill Trueman to be President.  I had to ask him a several times before he accepted.  I put together a plan that eventually put the DCA back in business.  Bill and I had to put our own money up for the first State Championship Tournament.  It was a success and we paid ourselves back.  I did all the negotiations with the Hotels.  Things since have gone smoothly.  We got a 501c3 which makes us a charitable organization.  Now we can get sponsors to help grow our organization.  People at the Tournament have said that it is has a better enviroment and better run than the World Open Tournament.  I am very proud that I have played a major part in making the DCA a great organization in such a short period of time.  We now have assets that far exceeds anything the DCA has ever had.  I also pushed for Scholastics to be a major part of the DCA to fulfill the goals.  I bought chessboards and pieces with our funds and I plan to buy clocks to suppliment the scholastic events.  I have set goals and I will continue to improve the organization with your help.  Please vote for me.

New Castle County Representative

Brian McDermott:

My name is Brian McDermott, and I am applying for the Delaware Chess Association’s New Castle County Representative. I am an accomplished amateur player, winning the 2015 All the King’s Men Club (Pitman, NJ) Championship, the 2016 Woodbury (NJ) Chess Club Championship, and 2017 Brandywine Chess Club Championship. I also finished undefeated twice at the US Amateur Team East event, including in 2010 as a member of the University of Delaware Chess Team. I also worked administratively as a tournament director, once running an 87-player USCF event almost single-handedly, and was a former assistant manager of the Philadelphia Inventors PRO Chess League team. I am qualified for this position because of my accomplishments representing in and around Delaware and the connections I made through it, and I thank you for considering me.

Sussex County Representative

Ryan McCrea:

To all DCA members,

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My dad taught me to play chess when I was five, and by six I was playing at the Milford Chess Club on Tuesday nights. When I was ten, I decided that I wanted to promote scholastic play in Sussex County, so I started a club at the Milton Public Library that has impacted about 100 youth. I organized and directed three unrated chess tournaments during that time; Each tournament drew about 25 players. In my efforts with the Milford Chess Club and the Delaware Youth Chess Organization, I am training to be a tournament director. I’ve attended more than 50 scholastic and open rated tournaments in five states. As I’ve connected with many parents, players, and schools, my organization is well known throughout the county. Last year I started a second scholastic chess club at the Millsboro Library. This past summer I attended the prestigious Castle Chess Camp in Atlanta, GA. I’m young but experienced in chess, and I’m dedicated towards furthering chess in Delaware. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity. I will make the most of it!

Kenneth Milutin:

I would be honored to be considered for this position with the DCA.  I do humbly accept the nomination.

I was born and raised in Sussex County but in my very early 30’s, moved to Salisbury MD (in 1988).  I am again a full-time resident of Sussex County DE, having moved to Millsboro in October 2016.   I have been playing tournament, postal and match chess since the early 1970’s and have been involved with educating, directing and volunteering for chess related activities for schools (Indian River and Wicomico County School Districts) as well as other entities such as the Wicomico County Department of Recreation and Parks, since 1976.  My primary focus has been to volunteer for chess activities for children ages 6 – 16 and over the years, I have directed numerous rated (USCF) and unrated chess tournaments (a complete list of rated events that I have directed or co-directed can be found on the USCF web-site).  I have also contributed at other rated chess events as far as assisting to obtain donations and sponsorship’s. I was also asked by the Prison system in MD to help establish a chess club in their medium security prison in Princess Anne MD. This was successfully completed, eventually holding two USCF rated events within the prison under very secure, restrictive and formulated regulations. I started and have been president of the Salisbury MD Chess Club since late 1988.  I am also an avid collector of antique chess sets, books and clocks.    If the DCA has a focus on chess for children, I can attempt to help in this regard through my executive contacts within the Indian River School District and other area schools (primarily private schools).    In closing and in complete and honest fairness to the consideration of any other Sussex County candidates, I do still work full time in Salisbury MD and of course live far downstate.  My ability to attend meetings consistently in the northern part of the state in all probability will be very limited.  If elected or not, I would be happy to assist the DCA in any way that I can.   I want to thank Mr. Banks for his gracious nomination and to you and the DCA for this consideration.


Kenneth E. Milutin


This position has no current volunteers or nominations