2017 Delaware State Open Championship

A State Championship Event

20 Grand Prix Points

Mar 11 – 12, 2017

Online Registration Here

Delaware State Open Championship

Newark, DE

Hilton Wilmington/Christiana Hotel, 100 Continental Dr., Newark, DE 19713 (off I-95).
Ask for special price to reserve room for the chess tournament. 302-454-1500. 6-SS Open, 5-SS U1600, G/90 d5.

Open: $600, $300, $150, U2200 $150, U2000 $150, U1800 $150, $ prizes b/40

U1600: $400, $240, $140, U1400 $140, U1200 $140, U1000 $140. $ prizes b/40

Special DE Resident Prizes: Delaware State Champion = Trophy + Free EF to next year’s event, Top Delaware Junior = Trophy, Delaware Women’s State Champion = Trophy + Free EF to next year’s event – may be in Open or U1600 section).

Reg.: Advanced Reg online Here.
By Mail: Delaware Chess Association, 2400 N. Broom St., Apt. 203, Wilmington, DE 19802.
Call 302-893-9519 for info.
On Site: 8am – 9am.

EF: Free entry to GM’s and IM’s ($50 deducted from prizes). $65 by 3/07. On site: $70.

Rds.: Sat.10, 2, 6.
Sun.9, 1, (5, open only).

Half point Byes: 2 available.

$ prizes b/40 in each section.

Email: .

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Sponsoring Affiliate: T6007774, DELAWARE CHESS ASSOCIATION.

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