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DSCA is dedicated to promoting interest in chess, chess clubs and chess tournaments in the Delaware Area. We are willing to help facilitate other chess enthusiasts as best as we are able. Plus, we will provide educational materials and links to help chess players become more active and enthusiastic.

Chess – sometimes called the game of kings. A game that simultaneously requires extensive analytical thought and inspired creative genius. As such, playing chess improves more skills than you may think – including reading ability! Studies show chess makes kids smarter.

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23 thoughts on “DSCA Home”

  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering if pictures from the DE Open 2015, or the Tri State Scholastic open would be put on the site, or elsewhere.

    -Eric Kurtz

  2. I will like to say thanks to everyone organizing the Delaware Open. It was a well organized tournament and I had some fun playing in it. I was wondering though if its possible at the Tri-State Scholastics in spring if I can be an Assistant TD for free even though I am just a teen.

    1. Hi Pratyush…. Your offer is very kind. We can discuss it as a possibility for next year. Please email me in May. We have some things coming up in the summer where we could use some help from youth chess players.

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